Elizabeth A. Hoffman Research Grant

Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault
2018 Fall Elizabeth A. Hoffman Research Grant

​Apply for the 2018 Elizabeth A. Hoffman Research Grant
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Funded by the President’s Office and Dean’s Office, the Hoffman Research Grant provides research funding for students or groups of students interested in conducting research with guidance from administrators on sexual violence prevention. Grantees will receive a stipend of $750 for each term, for up to two terms of research.

We are looking for student research projects that can advance our understanding of sexual assault as it relates to Dartmouth. The research should aim to find concrete, feasible and constructive policy recommendations for students, faculty and administrators to reduce sexual violence at Dartmouth.

Past Grant Topics:

  • 2013W: Research on First Responder Training for Dartmouth faculty and staff
  • 2014F: Comparison of judicial procedures on sexual assault in peer institutions and the COS process at Dartmouth
  • 2014F: Effectiveness of peer advising groups regarding sexual assault and SAPAs at Dartmouth
  • 2016S: The Experience of Reporting Sexual Misconduct at Dartmouth College and Decision-Making in the Context of Student Mental Health

How To Apply:

  1. Identify an area of research or policy related to sexual assault on college campuses, with applicability to Dartmouth.
  2. Fill out the attached Application Form and Research Outline.
  3. Send your application and research outline to SPCSA@Dartmouth.edu.

Example Topics:

  • How can we improve the COS process?
  • What technology/apps can be used/created to report sexual violence and increase student safety, and do they work? Might they be useful at Dartmouth?​
  • What are the options for students who wish to pursue legal action on sexual assault outside of the COS process?
  • How can Dartmouth centralize, more effectively utilize or publicize resources for prevention of sexual assault?

If you are interested or have any questions, contact Abhilasha Gokulan ’18 or Josh Davis ’18.

The Elizabeth A. Hoffman Research Grant is named after previous President of the Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault, Elizabeth A. Hoffman ’13.