Jane Stapleton of UNH Testifies in Senate Hearing, Speaks About Bystander Training

According to University of New Hampshire’s website, Jane Stapleton, a widely-recognized name in the field of sexual assault research and prevention, testified in the United States senate hearing regarding sexual assault on college campuses and compliance with Title IX.

One of Stapleton’s talking points was the efficacy of bystander innovation program. She said of the approach, “bystander intervention is a different approach where women are not approached as victims or potential victims and men are not approached as perpetrators or potential perpetrators. Instead, we utilize a community approach to prevention, where everyone has a role to play in ending sexual and relationship violence and stalking.” 

Adopting bystander intervention programs is becoming increasingly more common in higher education, and here at Dartmouth we have recently adopted the Dartmouth Bystander Intervention (DBI) training program with the help of Jennifer Messina, ’93. 

In his column in Time Magazine, President Hanlon wrote, through DBI “we are instructing individual students, faculty, and staff to intervene at the first signs of trouble. To date, more than 800 Dartmouth students have been trained in DBI and we expect up to 1,400 more to be trained by the end of the month.”

Messina’s testimony speaks to the importance of innovative prevention measures like DBI.

For more on Stapleton’s testimony, see the University of New Hampshire website: http://www.unh.edu/news/releases/2014/06/em28stapleton.cfm.

For President Hanlon’s piece in Time Magazine, see: http://time.com/100235/campus-sexual-assault-philip-hanlon-dartmouth/.