Termly Updates from Student Groups Related to Sexual Assault

Mentors Against Violence (MAV) is student-run COSO organization that seeks to educate peers at Dartmouth on the spectrum of violence, focusing primarily on sexual violence (SV), and challenge certain accepted norms on our campus. Their mission is to make explicit thought processes, language, and the social power structures that underlie sexual assault.

13F Highlights of MAV:

  1. 24 MAV facilitations in total
    1. 13 out of 15 fraternities
    2. 2 out of 3 co-eds
    3. 8 out of 8 sororities
    4. 2 make-up sessions
    5. 6 Greek houses with perfect attendance (5 were fraternities)
    6. One third of fraternities were co-led by two self-identified males.
    7. New program: MAV updated its program to incorporate theories and approaches used by national organizations focused on SV prevention education such as Men Can Stop Rape. This new program is flexible to reflect the needs and nuanced experiences of any audience on campus including Greek houses and affinity communities.
    8. Continued Education
      1. MAV offered three booster sessions to provide additional skills, tools, and knowledge for MAV facilitators to use in discussions and daily life.

i.     First Responder Training (taught by SAPAs)

ii.     Facilitator Skills

iii.     Self-Care (taught by Rebekah Carrow)

Sexual Assault Peer Advisors (SAPAs) are a group of students trained to respond to incidents of sexual assault and situations of relationship abuse by supporting other students, affirming their experiences, and referring to college resources.

13F Highlights of SAPAs:

This term SAPAs organized a continued education session October 28, 2013 on domestic violence and relationship abuse. The event was open to students active in organizations fighting to end violence and harm including Mentors Against Violence, DAPAs, Sexperts, EDPAs, SPCSA, Green Team, and UGAs. The session included a screening of Leslie Morgan Steiner’s TED Talk followed by a discussion on relationship violence facilitated by Rebekah Carrow and Kate Rohdenburg from WISE.