Meeting with Undergraduate Judicial Affairs Office & Committee on Standards

The Chair and Vice Chair met with the UJAO office to understand the COS system better and meet the new Director Leigh Remy. We learnt that the UJAO is in the process of compiling their department update on sexual assault. It was good to hear that the College is working with sex crimes consultant Lisa Friel to develop more extensive training for sexual misconduct cases through the COS. Rachel Funk, the current Recruitment Chair for SPCSA, was even able to meet with her and further discuss college disciplinary processes*.
For clarification, here is a rough road map of the Committee on Standards.
The COS is composed of faculty, staff and students.
There are 12 students on the COS a term. There are two ways for students to apply to sit on the COS. You can apply for appointment by the Dean of the College on an annual basis. Application found here: You can also run through Student Assembly every Spring term. The appointed members remain anonymous and the SA electees are public knowledge.
Faculty are appointed through a lottery system and serve 2 years on COS. Currently faculty serving on the COS are: Dean Johnson (Chair); Presidential Appointees; Aguado, Canepa, Clark, Chakrabati, Dolph, Mansur, Orellana, Orleck, Park, Raz, Sa’adah, Scott, Sutton. Updated COS faculty members can be found here:
Staff are appointed by Presidents Office and serve for an undetermined period of time. Their identity is not public knowledge.
The SPCSA encourages thoughtful, responsible and committed students to consider applying to serve on the COS. Student input provides a essential context for cases and an invaluable service to the community. 
If you think of ways the SPCSA can help explain the COS system to students please get in touch. You can contact us with suggestions on our feedback page: