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2015 Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault
Educate yourself. Click here for the official 2014 SPCSA fact sheet on myths and truths about sexual assault.

Who We Are

The purpose of SPCSA is to serve as an intermediary between students and the larger Dartmouth College community including the administration, faculty, and alumni of the college. One of the main functions of the SPCSA shall be to plan and implement cross-campus initiatives to address sexual violence, including but not limited to: advising the administration and student groups about sexual assault; engaging faculty; and promoting community-wide programs. We also aim to enhance the effectiveness of and communication between other working groups and individuals.

The Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault 2016 – 17
Katherine McAvoy ’17
Gabrielle Bozarth ’17
Spencer Blair ’17
Kalie Marsicano ’17
Adaeze Nduaguba ’17
Jeremiah Douchee ’17
Abhilasa Golukan ’18
Lauren Budd ’18
Josh Davis ’18
Manmeet Gujral ’18
Megan Batangan ’18
Saemi Han ’18
Esther Yun ’18
Samantha Maltais ’18
Anisha Ariff ’19
Karina Korsh ’19

Administrative Advisors

Amanda Childress – Associate Director of the Student Wellness Center

Benjamin Bradley – Manager of the Dartmouth Bystander Initiative (DBI)

Liz Agosto – Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Laura Hercod – Chief of Staff, Office of the President