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Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault
Recommendations on Dartmouth’s Proposed Sexual Assault Policy
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Who We Are

The purpose of SPCSA is to serve as an intermediary between students and the larger Dartmouth College community including the administration, faculty, and alumni of the college. One of the main functions of the SPCSA shall be to plan and implement cross-campus initiatives to address sexual violence, including but not limited to: advising the administration and student groups about sexual assault; engaging faculty; and promoting community-wide programs. We also aim to enhance the effectiveness of and communication between other working groups and individuals.


The Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault, Summer 2014
* Henry Balaban ’16 * Casidhe-Nicole Bethancourt ’16 *   Gabrielle Bozarth ’17 * John Damianos ’16* Jeremiah Douchee ’17 * Lily Fagin ’16 *
* Shagun Herur ’16  * Shanet Hinds ’16 * Jake Levine ’15 *
Katherine McKay ’16 * Victoria Nevel ’16 *  Francis Slaughter ’16 *


2014-2015 SPCSA

Sophia Pedlow – Chair

Carla Yoon – Vice Chair

Shanet Hinds – Recruitment Chair

Lily Fagin – Events Chair

Murylo Batista

Mackenzie Boss

Lulu Chang

John Damianos

Rachel Funk

Sutton Higgins

Jake Levine

Matthew Boss

Katherine Mckay

Katherine McAvoy

Henry Balaban

Jeremiah Douche

Gabrielle Bozarth

Victoria Nevel

Casidhe Bethancourt

Shagun Herur

Francis Slaughter

Administrative Advisors

Amanda Childress – SAAP coordinator

Aurora Matzkin – Director of Health Promotion and Student Wellness

Liz Agosto – Associate Dean of the College

Laura Hercod – Special Assistant to the President